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The advent of the Internet has given all of us unprecedented access to information. While this is generally an excellent tool, there is plenty of misinformation on the Web. To ensure Dr. Google is not leading you astray, consider visiting these trusted sites when searching online to learn more about your pet's health. Below these links are articles created by the doctors at La Costa Animal Hospital to help you better understand common conditions that affect dogs and cats.

General veterinary information:

Cat health:

Tips for enriching the environment of indoor pets: The Indoor Pet Initiative 

Training advice and behavioral concerns:

Pet toxins: ASPCA Poison Control (888-426-4435, 24/7, $65 fee)

Doctors' articles



Cat urinary disease

Dental cleaning

Cruciate ligament disease (torn ACL)


First kitten visit

First puppy visit


FORLs (cat dental condition)

Hip dysplasia

Low carbohydrate cat foods

Lumps and bumps (masses)

Obesity and weight loss

Otitis externa (ear infection)

Senior pets

StemInsure (stem cell banking)

Vomiting and diarrhea