Some things our clients had to say about our hospital, doctors and staff

I and my pets have always receive the most compassionate care. 

- Kimberly R., July 16,2016

We have taken our animals to La Costa Animal Hospital for 20 years. The veterinarians, and staff are professional, and caring. Our animals recognize them as trusted friends. 

- Barbara B., July 13, 2016

Excellent experience! 

- Charlotte C., July 13, 2016

Based on my initial phone conversation, the staff correctly diagnosed my cat's problem. After examination, we were advised to take him to the ER for treatment. All of my questions were answered by the most caring staff, doctor and associates alike. - Anonymous survey, July 8, 2016

This is an excellent Pet Hospital with outstanding customer service!!!!! 

- Rob S., July 7, 2016

The vet reviewed my pet's medical records prior to seeing my cat which was rarely done with previous vets. He is knowledgeable and did a thorough exam of my cat. He demonstrated concern and a willingness to treat the problem without ordering tests 

- Anonymous survey, June 26, 2016

You are all wonderful, kind and professional. :) 

 - Nikki F., June 18, 2016

Because you have the best Vet and best crew in all of SD County. Its like visiting friends, but with amazing veterinary skills! 

- Stacy M., June 17, 2016

Love the staff and care we get here. 

- Anonymous survey, June 17, 2016

Everybody that works here is helpful, friendly and passionate about what they do and it shows in the way they treat both the pets and the pet parents. 

- Beverly S., June 1, 2016

This was a first visit for Ricky having recently relocated to the area and I found Dr. Schatzle to be very professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. 

- Randy N., June 1, 2016

The vet and other employees genuinely show interest and provide wonderful care to our pets. They are friendly and knowledgeable. 

- Scudder M., May 11, 2016

You are all just simply the best! 

- Sheryl T., April 22, 2016

La Costa Animal Hospital and Dr. Schatzle have been caring for my dogs for more than 16 years, providing exceptional and compassionate care, and I recommend them to everyone I know who has pets. 

- Jodie S., April 6, 2016

Dr. Schatzle has treated, loved and helped us say goodbye to our many beloved critters for many years. My only problem yesterday is that HOOVER wasn't there for a play date! :o)) Zippy cried but we'll make a special date soon. Thanks to all of you 

- Linda H., April 2, 2016

I've had multiple long-lived pets, >40 years with vets, but only LCAH has offered options for costly/invasive procedures/medications, & my 13+ yo dog still pulls me in the door on frequent visits to have blood drawn. Dr. Schatzle is the BEST. 

- Gabrielle M., April 2, 2016

My cat despises car rides and howls the full 10 minutes it takes to get to La Costa Animal Hospital, but he's fully purring by the time we get inside unless there is some smelly dawg in the waiting room. He loves the staff & especially Dr. Sperka! 

- Sarah M., March 31, 2016

It was my first time to this animal hospital and everyone there was friendly, the environment was welcoming, and Max and I were treated well. 

- Norberto S., March 20, 2016

Why 5 stars? Because 6 was not an option....and because they are the absolute best animal hospital ever... hands down! I am beyond thankful to have these guys in my corner for my 5 dogs. We are all lucky to LCAH!! 

- Brian B., March 18, 2016

La Costa Animal Hospital has provided loving care for my Sweet Kalee for years! Kalee turned 16 years old last June and I believe this is from the awesome care she has always received! 

- Kim W., March 9, 2016

The staff is friendly and compassionate towards pets and owners. They take the time to listen, evaluate and recommend treatment which is administered professionally. A wonderful place for pet care.

- Anonymous survey, March 8, 2016